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Dragonflies LLC

is owned and operated

by JoElle Anderson.

"The floral shop is named in honor of my mother, Jo-Anne Boni LePardo. My mom suffered from multiple myeloma, a form of cancer that affects one of the white blood cells in your blood. Secondary effects of this condition led to multi-organ failure and her sudden death on the morning of July 6, 2010.


Even though she was ill, she was always smiling and had a positive attitude toward life. She continued to be a positive role model for her children, grandchildren, and friends. She also had an unyielding passion for flowers and plants, spending a good portion of her time gardening. Jo-Anne was always in her glory when she was working in the garden, cleaning up plants, or making fresh flower arrangements. You could see the love and happiness in her face. 


Shortly after her death, my sisters and I saw a dragonfly. It wasn't the same dragonfly, since one sister lives in South Carolina and the other in Southington. However, each dragonfly stayed with us for a short while and did not appear to be frightened of us. All of us thought of our mom. My sister in South Carolina was followed by her dragonfly until she acknowledged its presence and told Mom through the dragonfly that she will be deeply missed. As she did, the dragonfly flew away.


Throughout the summer, I saw dragonflies everywhere- swarms of them in my neighbors backyard and at just about every landscaping job I did. This has never happened before and I felt as though she was with me all the time, watching over me and my sons. I don’t know if people come to say goodbye when they pass; however, I believe that was my mother saying goodbye to my sisters and I, and letting us know we will be alright. Mom, you are in our memories and are deeply missed." -JoElle

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